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My services

Although our services are described separately, in the field, my intervention strategies can overlap in order to serve your needs and your particular situation.



What do I offer ?

  • Accelerate self-knowledge by creating your Nova 2.0 profile

The Nova profile is a psychometric test that helps highlight strengths and areas for possible developmentof a person or team. This self-knowledge allows you to put your behaviors, skills and motivations into words and to precisely target what is important to you.


  • Develop your leadership of impact through business and management coaching
    Leadership is the art of guiding, influencing and inspiring.
    I support leaders, managers and professionals who want to have more impact and meaning in the leadership of their operations and to coach people towards organizational changes (new business processes, Customer Experience, technological tools and HR) which will make the organization more attractive and competitive.

    Whether you are a professional, a manager or a leader, what aspect(s) of your leadership do you want to amplify to meet your challenges and to propel your current career?

  • Organizational Development (OD)
    The D.O. aims to and improve individual, team and organizational performance. Concretely, this involves internal capabilities and the evolution of the organization (organizational structure, human resources systems, communication processes, collaboration and leadership) to respond to external pressures (innovation and evolution of business practices or technological solutions ), in order to support the potential and performance of employees for increased efficiency of the organization.

Coach Jean Boudreau, 25 years of experience
listen, understand - enlighten!

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