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I hold  a master's degree in public administration with specialization in organizational development, a bachelor's degree in psychosociology of communication and I am certified ACC Professional Coach (ICF) and NOVA Profile 2.0. (psychometric test)


For 28 years, I have worked in an organizational development consulting role, including 17 years in coaching, with large companies and SMEs in the automotive, financial, information technology and manufacturing sectors.
I am bilingual and 
recognized for my capacity for analysis and synthesis, my political skills and my practical sense of action.

My passions at work?
While some see problems, I naturally have a “glass half full” view. I easily see needs and solutions, and in fact, what characterizes me is my possibilist side!

With SMEs and large companies operating in competitive and innovative environments, my interventions concern leadership, coaching, collaboration, communications, development of people and teams, commitment, management of organizational change (new processes or tools, automation) and Customer Experience. 

The passion for coaching,
a matter of vision and values!

A little pitch talking about your vision and your values linking up with your experience on a more personal level. Simply name things without opening a big door, just enough for the reader to understand the 3 capsules below


Inergize the capabilities of leaders and teams to respond to their business challenges through tailor-made coaching and organizational development advice


Be a partner of leaders on the move who want to create sparkling teams


Each coaching or organizational development intervention is guided by our values of kindness, of pleasureand of results, to make a difference to people. 

So each situation is unique, we welcome people where they are and without judgment. 
This kindness helps establish the respect, security and trust necessary for the coaching partnership.

Why does the notion of pleasure and of results are essential?
Firstly, because we do not want to “just work” with your organization, but more to contribute with a
positive “mindset” and humor.
Second, to create this space of vulnerability in order to 
“allow yourself and dare” to explore new ways of doing things.
And thirdly, to co-create solutions that will respond to your challenges and allow you to take action, obtain results and bring you closer to your business ambitions.

Coach Jean Boudreau, 25 ans d'expérience
écouter, comprendre, éclairer!

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