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My services

Although our services are described separately, in the field, my intervention strategies can overlap in order to serve your needs and your particular situation.

Business and management coaching

I support leaders, managers and professionals who want to have more impact in their management and who will make the organization more attractive and competitive.

Here are situations where the coach can help: 

  • Give more meaning to leadership and facilitate the development of leadership skills

  • Develop better communication skills

  • Learn to give critical feedback constructively;

  • Support an approach to building or consolidating a team;

  • Improve their productivity or that of their colleagues;

  • Help resolve conflicts

  • Assist a person in organizational difficulty (time management and priorities, interpersonal relationships, political skills, etc.) 

  • Eliminate negative habits (e.g.: procrastination, resistance, fear of success or failure, excesses, perfectionism, etc.)

  • Learn to get out of your comfort zone and improve self-confidence

  • Restore balance between personal and professional life;

Coach Jean Boudreau, 25 ans d'expérience
écouter, comprendre, éclairer!

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