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I hold a master's degree in public administration with a specialization in organizational development and a bachelor's degree in the psychology of communication.


For 28 years, I have been consulting in organizational development, including 17 years in coaching, with large companies and SMEs in the financial, automotive, education and tourism sectors.

Bilingual, I am recognized for my capacity for analysis and synthesis, my political skills and written and oral communication. I support leaders and managers to increase their leadership with impact and meaning   in the context of implementing new technologies or business and organizational transformation strategies.

Alongside this role, I help project teams in developing strategies and implementation plans for implementing changes.

I am driven by a desire to advance the skills of individuals, he has designed management coaching programs and delivered training sessions related to human capital and change management.

Looking forward to working together!

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Communication is no longer optimal?

Whether the information is getting to the recipients or the format of communications is inappropriate is often a problem of perspective and character traits. We work on this together for the good of the company.


Growing leadership?

As you rise in responsibilities, you are sometimes not prepared to leave the technique to devote yourself to managing people.

This typical problem is well known to us. We will bring your candidates to develop reflexes that will amaze you!


Improve the atmosphere in the office?

The positive working atmosphere helps increase productivity by up to 30%, in addition to increasing staff retention. We review the issue with everyone and propose a corrective action plan.

You won't recognize your team!


Working on team spirit

  Whether it's a problem that has dragged on for a long time or the consequence of a recent hiring, creating and maintaining a team spirit is a real challenge.

With proven techniques, I help each member of your staff to build the best feelings of belonging to the team, promoting more productive group work.


Develop the winning attitude

Attitudinal problems relate to uncomfortable roles in the company, sometimes related to unrealistic expectations from third parties or unacknowledged training problems.

I interview candidates and dig into these aspects.


Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs
Throughout the Country

Organized and Efficient

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Jen B.


Flexible and Committed

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Louis M.


Creative & Resourceful

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Karen L.

Ted & Brooks

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